It all started back in 2003, with a control that couldn’t be beat.

Curiosity leads to innovation.

The curiosity to learn more (and win more) steered Brooks through several iterations of her own, and she has evolved her company into a unique team of testing and optimization experts. A team that is unlike any other around.

We’re a team of experts with one goal.

What makes us different? First, we have truly diverse backgrounds– from analysts to marketers to designers to developers…we are a team that brings many different skills to the testing table. We also get along like gangbusters. We battle it out in Ping-Pong, have epic cook-offs, enjoy a beer together and laugh a lot. And because of this closeness, we work together effortlessly and intelligently. Plus, we’re all under one roof. So that’s a dedicated team of testing experts determined to continuously learn and win.

We’ve got testing on the brain.

The mark of a team immersed in testing and optimization isn’t just about how they work for their clients. It’s also about what happens in between tests. And for us, testing is always on our minds. Whether we’re running an A/B test on office donuts or doing an impromptu audit on a website’s conversion path, it’s a big part of our culture. We talk about big tests, little tests and things that aren’t tested but should be.

What does that mean for you?

You may have a relatively new testing program. Or you may be up and running, but not getting the results you want. Think of us as a testing task force. We come in, assess your current conversion path, expand your internal testing capabilities and scale your optimization practices. And our in-depth analysis gives you the learnings–and winnings–that validate your testing and business decisions.

You’ll come away with a bigger, better testing program.

Developing a successful testing program takes patience and time. And we’re there for our clients every step of the way, helping them meet and exceed and re-envision their goals. But this isn’t just about you getting expert help. This is about teamwork; our team and yours. We know how to communicate and work with your people for a smooth, enjoyable partnership. So when the time comes for you to take the testing reins, your team is confident and your testing program is solid.

We live by 5 Core Values, and they directly benefit you.

  1. Pursue Knowledge
    Become an expert. Be curious. Improve a little every day. Ask great questions.
  2. Be Real
    Be transparent. Be authentic. Be dependable. Laugh at yourself. Have humility, trust and respect.
  3. Be Courageous
    Face the hard decision. Overcome your fear. Take risks. Be unconventional. Show your conviction.
  4. Empower Each Other
    Share knowledge. Trust each other. Embrace a family spirit. Reach your potential through collaboration.
  5. Create Happiness
    Make time for health, energy and balance. Show positivity and passion. Be funny and have fun. Expect career and life satisfaction. Make every day a “10.”

Each of these values embodies the culture here at Brooks Bell, and each employee embodies these values. We are curious, authentic, brave, supportive and happy. To say that’s rare in a workplace is an understatement. And we bring all these values and qualities to our work and to our clients. There’s no place we’d rather be, and there’s nothing we’d rather be doing.