5 Must-Read Optimization Posts for the Week of January 26


This weekend, more than 100,000,000 Americans will gather around a television, eat snacks, and enjoy the season-ending championship of the NFL. While the majority of those viewers tune-in for the game, characteristic features of the experience are the commercials aired between plays. These famously pricey ads reach a huge audience, but a focus on conversion […]

5 Must-Read Optimization Posts for the Week of January 19


Mobile users, we all know, represent an increasingly important segment for all digital properties, from media companies to ecommerce sites. And there are few businesses online today that have not at least considered a mobile strategy. But as tablet and mobile use grows, an important question emerges: Is it time for a mobile-only strategy? Read […]

5 Must-Read Optimization Posts for the Week of January 12


Showrooming has quickly emerged as a challenge to traditional retailers. Not only is the behavior distracting, it often results in customers making purchases online at different vendors. One solution for guiding this behavior may be coming from an unlikely source: A phone app. In fact Snapchat—the app that helped make self-destructing selfies famous—is helping bridge […]

Clickipedia: Showrooming

Brand New Interior Of Cloth Store

What it is: A shopping behavior in which consumers price shop online after—or even while—visiting physical stores to see a product in person. Showroomers are typically searching for better deals or promotions online.  What its not: Webrooming, which describes a shopping behavior in which consumers browse online before buying in the store. Why it matters: […]