Strategy & Process

How To Perform A UX Audit/Inventory

  As online competition increases, making the decision to implement an optimization strategy is now a relatively straightforward one. Deciding where to start your optimization, however, remains a hurdle that even the largest blue chip corporations struggle to get over. To know where to start your optimization strategy, you need to know the areas in […]

Supercharge Your Test Strategies with Proven UX Methods

  Everyone loves a winning test, especially when it provides a significant increase in revenue and unique insight into user behavior. Coming up with ideas for tests that produce such amazing results—week after week, quarter after quarter—however, is a challenge. Utilizing a standard methodology for ideation helps enforce consistency in test strategies over time, but […]

4 Strategies to Connect with First-Time Holiday Visitors

The holiday season can reward you with many first-time visitors interested in buying that perfect gift for someone special or just a holiday treat for themselves. While this group of shoppers can represent a significant boost to your bottom line during the holidays, their true revenue potential is in their long-term loyalty and repeat purchase […]

3 Holiday Promo Code Problems to Avoid

The holiday peak season is packed with unpredictable twists and turns that can lead to panicked moments and high-pressure decisions that will have a major impact on your peak-season sales. Even the most detailed holiday marketing plans won’t cover those annual surprise shifts in consumer behavior that lead sales to boost or blunder in their […]