We help consumer organizations profit from A/B testing.

What We Do

At Brooks Bell, we help consumer organizations profit from A/B testing. We assess program maturity, develop testing strategies, create effective experiments, and provide deep analysis of results. Our process improves UX, generates insights into customer behavior, builds data-driven culture, and ultimately leads to higher conversion rates.

Program Maturity Assessment

Our process begins with an optimization maturity assessment and scorecard. Using a 400-point evaluation across six pillars and 24 critical categories—including onsite observations and interviews—we recognize your program’s strengths and identify its weaknesses. Our detailed research provides a competitive analysis, benchmarking against best-in-class organizations, and an objective third-party appraisal. This analysis informs a customized plan for expanding and improving your testing program. Recommendations may focus on tools, culture, reporting, velocity, process, staffing and more—but always offer a series of actionable steps leading toward measurable goals.

Strategic Roadmap

We use an iterative testing methodology, built around your business goals, to develop a strategic roadmap. Then we help your team realize the full potential of an enterprise testing platform, maximizing your investment and expanding internal competencies. Our rigorous approach to experimental design ensures every test will produce new insights about your customers and push the program to consistently win big lift.

Disciplined Process

Using a process that has been validated through hundreds of tests, we enable your team to rapidly expand their capacity. Your customized workflow will increase test velocity and improve efficiency. And this growth is scalable thanks to our proprietary 120-step QA process. The entire team, from development to analytics to project management, takes part in this formally structured process, reducing errors and preventing broken tests. Because we work in collaboration with your team, our partnership builds an internal, data-driven testing culture.

Advanced Reporting and Business Insights

We perform a deep analysis on every test, uncovering actionable insights whether variations win or lose. More than simple reports, these analyses provide a new understanding of your customer’s attitudes, needs, and behavior. And, it gives you a powerful storytelling tool that can communicate successes and help build organization-wide support and excitement for your testing program.

Comprehensive Optimization Team

With Brooks Bell, you immediately get a team of experts including an optimization strategist, a JavaScript engineer, an experienced analyst, a UX designer, and a project manager. We work with your internal team to rapidly scale testing, improve efficiency, and increase program performance.

Our Process

Brooks Bell helps clients achieve goals by increasing the conversion rate and other key metrics through strategic, iterative testing and optimization. To accomplish this, we partner with clients, helping them define customer personas, identify driving needs, pinpoint the relevant stage of the consumer buying decision journey, and develop testable hypotheses targeting key segments. By sharing our proven process, deep expertise, and strategic framework, we help clients develop internal competencies and a vibrant testing culture.