15 years of experience.

60+ of the best minds in experimentation & personalization.

Over $500M in client revenue impact.

It all started back in 2003, with a control that couldn’t be beat. While Brooks Bell was still a student at Duke University, she launched her own web design company. One of her first clients, AOL, tasked her with designing a new pop-up that would increase conversions over a long-standing control. After several iterations, she found a winner—and has been testing ever since.

Today, Brooks Bell Inc. is the premier firm focused exclusively on enterprise-level testing, personalization and optimization services. Drawing on the expertise of a diverse, interdisciplinary team, Brooks Bell helps a select group of clients build culture around testing, scale optimization programs, and maximize ROI from digital initiatives.

We’re a team of experts with one goal.

With a singular focus on testing, optimization, and personalization we have been able to build a deep expertise and extensive experience across a wide range of businesses and industries. Brooks Bell has benchmarked 350 optimization programs, including many of the world’s leading brands. The combination of this hands-on experience and cross-industry knowledge allows us to identify realistic goals for growing testing programs and develop practical plans for achieving these goals.

Most agencies excel at pushing work out the door. And there’s no doubt an agency’s experience helps to fill the test queue, supercharge a program, and generate some compelling short-term results, too. While we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver high-caliber, insightful tests consistently and without busts, we fundamentally believe taking full control of the process is the wrong approach. Instead, we provide the tools, training, and resources organizations need to build and maintain a robust testing program. Adapting a proven process for the unique needs of each organization and working with internal stakeholders to build excitement and grow the testing culture, Brooks Bell empowers clients to take control of their own programs, earn their own wins, and continue to scale.

We believe the mark of a team that’s immersed in optimization isn’t simply the number of tests it runs. We’ve learned that instead, it’s about a relentless approach to marketing, design, usability, and business as a whole that is driven by data. It’s about attributing learning from your experiments toward business objectives. It’s about creating a platform for sustainable growth that can empower decision-makers and lead to a competitive advantage.

We’re a partner in your success.

Achieving such long-term growth requires the right combination of tools, training, and expert resources created by innovative, creative thought leaders. Our approach is centered on developing talent—whether it’s within a client organization, through mentoring a new member of our own team, or providing opportunities for the entire industry through our premier event, Click Summit—and sharing our expertise.

As a reflection of this approach, we offer full ecosystem management, focused on integrating and effectively leveraging a full-stack of testing, optimization, analytics, and personalization tools. Our developers and analysts have a deep understanding of the platforms that make testing possible. Through partnerships across the industry, we have the opportunity to develop deep expertise in all the major enterprise tools available and have created several novel integrations to help your entire stack work together seamlessly.

Technical mastery allows us to operate flexibly and change dynamically to solve unique problems and meet new challenges. Beyond this, we are endlessly excited about testing, building world-class optimization programs, and developing a deeper understanding of customers. What sets us apart is our passion for our clients’ businesses and their goals.

We’ve got testing on the brain.

At our offices in Raleigh, North Carolina we embrace data and testing fully every day—from A/Beer taste tests to case study discussions, lunch-and-learn presentations on new technologies to ping pong ranking dashboards. With our entire staff beneath one roof, we’re able to work quickly and flexibly—solving a problem doesn’t require an endless chain of phone calls, just a short walk to the next desk. The intentionally designed open floor plan of our office facilitates this free exchange and leads to a cross-pollination of ideas between our multi-disciplinary teams.

Our excitement about testing, our dedication to data, and our motivation to achieve results allows us to support our clients as they build world-class optimization programs.

The curiosity to learn more, one of our five core values—and the desire to win more—has driven Brooks Bell for more than 10 years and the company has evolved over that time to include a unique team of testing and optimization experts. And we work hard to share our enthusiasm and expertise with the optimization community, our partners, and, of course, our clients.

We still strive to beat those stubborn controls, but now we make sure we’re helping clients develop an organization-wide culture focused on testing and a deeper understanding of their customers, too.

Don’t take our word for it: Hear our clients describe what it’s like to work with Brooks Bell.

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