Brooks Bell CEO Delivers Opening Remarks at Click Summit 2016

Raleigh, NC (May 23, 2016) —Brooks Bell, founder and CEO of Brooks Bell Inc., the premier firm focused exclusively on enterprise-level A/B split testing, targeting, and optimization services, delivered the opening remarks at Click Summit 2016 last Thursday at The Umstead Resort and Spa in Raleigh, NC.

Brooks Bell at Click Summit 2016Bell discussed the need for an industry mind-shift towards customer-centricity in digital campaigns. “I came to this realization while people-watching in the Las Vegas airport,” explained Bell. “There are so many people there from so many backgrounds – it would be impossible to know everything about each person. In the same way, it’s daunting for marketers at enterprise-level companies to attempt to reach every single audience segment that visits our websites.”

“We need to reframe the question,” continued Bell. “It’s no ‘Who’s coming to my site?’ It’s ‘Why are they coming there?'”

Bell went on to outline her, “5 Ways to be More Customer-Centric,” as a guide to attendees on how to tackle this challenge.

Known in the industry as the premier testing and optimization event,  Click Summit is an advanced, brand-only event for senior-level testing and optimization experts.

For more takeaways from Bell’s opening remarks, visit the Brooks Bell blog.

About Brooks Bell

Brooks Bell Inc. is the premier optimization firm focused exclusively on enterprise-level A/B split testing, targeting and optimization services. We help companies using enterprise-level testing platforms such as Adobe®Test&Target™, Monetate and Optimizely to improve their on-site testing capabilities and scale their optimization practices. Our testing strategy results in data-driven company culture, more clarity about your customer needs, better UX and higher conversion rates.

Brooks Bell Inc. has experience using a wide range of testing tools including Adobe®Test&Target™, Monetate, Optimizely, Content Experiments in Google Analytics and Visual Website Optimizer. For more information, visit the Brooks Bell website at or our testing and optimization blog at