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There are three operating principles that connect who we are, what we do and how we work.

Our approach to website optimization

Experimentation should be owned by you and your company—not us.

That might sound odd considering what we do, but hear us out.

Over the last 15 years, we’ve seen that the most impactful testing and personalization programs are owned internally. That’s why we take a consultative approach to our work.

When you bring on Brooks Bell, you’re not just getting a bunch of strategists, developers and analysts; you’re getting access to trusted advisers, skilled teachers and true experts in testing and personalization, all focused on building your team’s capacity and increasing your impact.

Winning is not limited to a single test for us, though we’re proud of our 40%-win rate (2X the industry average).

We win when we see testing and personalization becoming core competencies within your team; we really win when experimentation principles begin to permeate your entire company culture.

For clients that are interested in this type of impact, we use our proprietary Six Pillar Maturity Assessment to benchmark and measure your testing and personalization program’s growth.

This comprehensive and data-driven review scores your program against six main categories: culture, team, technology, process, strategy and performance. The results of this assessment are used to create an actionable roadmap to get your program to the next level and beyond.

In our experience, companies that embrace experimentation always win.

That’s because they prioritize the customer experience over everything; they make decisions based on data rather than instinct, embrace risk thoughtfully, and are more open to new ideas and innovations.

Brooks Bell's 6 Pillars of Experimentation Maturity

Testing to learn is just as important – and effective – as testing to win.

We look to testing and personalization as strategies for generating revenue and learning about your customers.

One of the best things about testing is that you can literally prove your value to the business. Experimentation an extremely powerful and effective way to generate quick revenue gains, and almost always pays for itself at scale.

However, focusing your testing program solely on revenue gains can hurt you in the long run: it promotes short-term thinking and can ultimately create poor net experiences for your customers.

That’s why it’s important to place your customer at the heart of your testing program.

Having a customer-centric approach to testing still holds you accountable to revenue lifts. But it also adds a new dimension to your strategy: by seeking to understand what works, along with why and how your customers make decisions, your optimization program becomes more relevant to the organization, and your impact more lasting.

Additionally, you don’t have to choose between generating wins and generating insights. In fact, rooting your program on customer insights enables you to learn from flat and losing tests. 

To do this, we use our Insight Framework: a guided method for organizing your test outcomes, brainstorming and testing customer theories, and uncovering key insights about your customers.

This framework is built upon our years of experience applying analytics, behavioral economics, psychology and the scientific method in a digital environment.

By connecting test outcomes to broader theories about your customers and testing against them, we’re not only able to solve problems, but also help you uncover insights that have the potential to impact your entire company.

A Key Customer Insight

  • Challenges notions
  • Fills a gap
  • Impacts more than just your department
  • Sparks more questions, more ideas, more opportunities and more tests
  • Changes how your company sells to customers, and
  • Makes way for a clear competitive advantage.

Data is extremely powerful and equally fragile.

Our vision is to help our clients discover the people behind the data. But in order to do that, you need to be able to trust your data. As the power of our data increases, so does its complexity. With complexity, comes risk for human error. That’s why data integrity is kind of our jam. Across everything we do, we work to preserve the veracity of the data we access and the data we generate and analyze on behalf of our clients.


Here’s what that means for you.


We are dedicated to providing scientifically-sound insights.

The very nature of our work requires us to be evangelists of scientific rigor and statistical accuracy.

Every test we launch is thoughtfully strategized, drawing on qualitative and quantitative data, behavioral economics and psychology. Every test is carefully sized based on your traffic, baseline conversion rate, your minimum detectable lift and desired statistical significance.

Every analytics project we take on, we take time to clean and organize your existing customer data, and ensure it translates across your software, tools and systems.


We solemnly swear to never use out-of-the-box reports.

Every report we generate for our clients is completely customized, detailed and digestible. We build these using raw data, rather than relying on automagically-generated reports from your analytics tools. And because shit happens sometimes, we always address and account for any discrepancies between tools and systems.

Our focus in reporting is three-fold: to arm our clients with scientifically-sound strategies to increase revenue, to help them learn new things about their customers, and to equip them with compelling information they can use to influence change at every level of their organization.


Finally, we have a security-first mindset when it comes data.

In today’s hyper-connected world, there’s no such thing as being too cautious when it comes to protecting data.

All our data—both in motion and at rest—is fully encrypted. Our network security exceeds industry standards and is constantly monitored by firewalls and intrusion detection systems.

Each quarter, we inspect our IT security. We also conduct annual outside party penetration testing and risk assessments.

These are just a few of many measures we take to ensure our client’s data is protected. We take this very seriously and are always open to more in-depth conversations on the matter.

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