MOBILE-IZE THIS: What You Need to Know About Native App Experimentation

Thanks for joining us on this four-part series designed to tell you everything you need to know when considering mobile web or native app experimentation. So far, we’ve gone over the top mobile stats that illustrate how mobile-obsessed consumers are and we’ve outlined the primary differences between native app and mobile web. In this post, we’ll build on that foundation with more detail and we’ll go over how experimentation works on native apps. (Psst: We’re including some tips from the pros at the end, so don’t miss them!)

“Oh, BEhave!” Ethical Experimentation: Using Behavioral Economics for Good

There’s no shortage of dialogue around the ethical code of digital experimentation. Flashback to the Facebook experiment that was socialized years ago. As you may recall, Facebook ran an experiment where they tested the display of positive news feed content vs. the display of negative news feed content to see how it impacted user sentiment and interaction. It caused quite an uproar and people questioned the ethics behind (quite literally) playing with people’s’ emotions for the sake of research.