5 Must-Read Optimization Posts for the Week of July 29

Marketers should be more sophisticated in understanding the nuances of the customer journey, according to a recent post on Monetate’s blog. The company’s research shows that less than half of all purchases happen within the first hour of a shopper’s browsing session—and 16 percent happen about one day after a shopper first visited a site. The takeaway? Think about helping customers who are researching and evaluating products instead of pushing everyone through the funnel. Read the post: Using behavioral customer data to optimize the REAL ecommerce customer journey

Here are four more A/B testing and conversion optimization articles (plus one from the Brooks Bell blog) you might have missed this week:

Huffington Post: 4 obstacles preventing conversions on your e-commerce website. How’s your website’s mobile experience? What about load time? These obvious (but often overlooked) problems can cause visitors to flee.

Internet Retailer: 56% of online retail searches take place on mobile devices. Among the findings from a study by the web measurement firm Hitwise: Smartphones are important in-store shopping tools.

SAS: Analytics and the customer journey: 7 best practices. Strengthen customer satisfaction and improve the customer experience by mapping the customer journey (includes an infographic!).

CMO: Three new ways to think about the customer journey. Here are three novel ways to connect with your customers along their complex paths to purchase (includes real-life examples!).

Brooks Bell: What essential skills should you look for when hiring an analyst? Brooks Bell experts share their insight. Get practical tips for identifying a well-rounded analyst who can transform raw data into valuable action.

Quote of the Week: “There’s an excellent chance you have all the traffic you need to successfully sell the products you have in stock. You don’t have a traffic problem; you have a conversion problem.” -William Harris on Shopify