5 Must-Read Optimization Posts for the Week of June 4

Looking for some optimization inspiration? Here are our top 5 picks for A/B testing and conversion optimization articles this week:

Marketing Pilgrim: Insights Into the Modern CMO. In this Q&A, the head of the CMO Survey reveals industry trends (a greater emphasis on marketing analytics; equality between marketing and sales) and recommendations for aspiring C-level marketers.

Copyblogger: 48 Elements of Persuasive Written Content. If you want to master the craft of copywriting, you must first start with the basics. From catchy headlines to short sentences, here are 48 elements that will help your copy stand out.

Search Engine Land: 5 Ways Conversion Takes Market Share Like Candy from a Baby.   Companies with high-converting websites know how to pay less for online advertising, earn customers’ trust and optimize content through ongoing testing. Learn their tricks before they steal your customers.

Kissmetrics: 4 Hot Analytics Trends That Are Effective and Profitable. Are you measuring customer feedback, search and social (combined), shortened URLs and testing campaigns? Here are tools that can help track these notable trends.

Adobe Digital Marketing Blog: Top 5 Conversion Opportunities for Digital Marketers in 2012 (Infographic). Most respondents of Adobe’s digital marketing survey say they allocate 15 percent or less of their marketing budgets to onsite optimization efforts. Check out this infographic for more stats (and get the full report here).

Have you read any useful posts this week about A/B testing or online conversion? Share them in the comments below.

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