5 Must-Read Optimization Posts for the Week of April 11

If you want to optimize for conversions on your website, mobile app, or other digital properties, it’s a given that you need to be testing. But it’s easy to forget that not everyone is equipped for experimentation. So what do you do if you don’t have enough traffic to run valid tests? Or if you can’t afford the technology or the talent? In a lengthy new post, ConversionXL lays out nine principles to improve CRO without experimentation. Read it: 9 conversion rate optimization principles to get you started (if you can’t test)

Here are four more A/B testing and conversion optimization articles you might have missed this week:

Ad Exchanger: Cross-device identity can create blind spots in the customer journey. When marketers fail to recognize users across different devices, it can result in a disjointed journey and a poor consumer experience. Ultimately, both customers and companies lose.

Vandelay Design: The psychology of color in web design. Color plays a big role in persuasion. In fact, an online slot machine company changed the CTA button from green to yellow and gained a 187.4 percent increase in conversions.

Forbes: Mobile-first drives digital strategy at American Eagle Outfitters. More than half of American Eagle’s customers shop with their phones—so they’re doubling down on mobile.

Adobe Digital Marketing Blog: Data and content: The Kimye of digital marketing. Data and content have a codependent relationship. Just like Kanye West and Kim Kardashian.

Quote of the Week: “What happens when the recommending algorithm knows you too well? Perhaps one morning you open your news feed and it anticipates your interests so accurately that, to your dismay, the app that once made you laugh into your morning coffee or forget all about your boring train ride no longer has anything interesting to say?” –Stacy Hale in design4emergence