Experiment Ideation: Why it’s a Team Effort

At Brooks Bell’s 8th annual Click Summit in May, I had the pleasure of leading a conversation titled, “What’s Fueling Your Experimentation Ideation?”  Throughout the session, participants talked about the ways to use quantitative and qualitative data, past test learnings, behavioral economics principles and the challenges they face with executing tests to their full potential. (Download the top takeaways from this session, as well as all the “Clickaways” here.)   But there was one more important attribute we discussed – the importance of the team!  

Behavioral Economics Must-Reads

As online optimization programs mature and test ideation takes it up a notch, experts rely on behavioral economics – the science of studying the effects of psychological, social, cognitive, and emotional factors on the economic decisions of individuals and institutions; the consequences for market prices, returns, and resource allocation; and the impact of different kinds of behavior in different environments of varying experimental values – for data-driven inspiration.

Mobile Commerce: Should Revenue Really Be Your Metric?

young woman on phone

This is an interesting time for mobile commerce. It wasn’t too long ago that mobile was used mainly for texting, checking email, and getting directions. The thought of using your phone for research or a transaction was a bit absurd… kind of like the idea of a driverless car. Nowadays, mobile accounts for about half […]