Careers in Testing

How to hire your testing unicorn (without using magic)

When I was running my own testing program, I was in desperate need of an associate to help me manage my small (but mighty!) team. My single associate and I were launching tests left and right and we were unable to do anything other than focus on the day-to-day of the program. A job description […]

Who’s Hiring in June?

Y’all know that feeling…when you suddenly realize that something is no longer your problem, and you’re so excited about your next role! If it’s been too long since you’ve felt the new-job butterflies, check out the jobs below and see if there are any that strike your fancy.

Who’s Hiring in March

Devote some of your March Madness or spring break to looking for that next dream job! What are some of the hottest jobs this month? Directors, managers and analysts may be among some of the most popular optimization, personalization and testing job titles, but there are plenty of positions to choose from.