Video Series: Conquer Your Biggest Testing Challenges

Here at Brooks Bell, we work with many different clients at different stages in testing maturity. Yet, regardless of whether we’re working with a new or established testing program, we find they all face common enemies: pressure to deliver results; inefficient processes; a lack of understanding and support for testing; difficulty iterating on and applying learnings […]

9 Things You Can Do Now to Ensure Your Experimentation Program Survives a Reorganization

It often begins with rumors and murmurs. Then, perhaps, a shift in executive leadership. At first, changes seem minor or isolated. But eventually, the inevitable becomes reality—a reorg is underway. Because testing programs typically work with and across several divisions in a business and don’t fulfill a traditional business function, they are particularly vulnerable during […]

Four Challenges to Building & Scaling Your Experimentation Program, Solved with Illuminate

Since Brooks Bell was founded in 2003, we’ve worked with clients facing a multitude of challenges in establishing their experimentation programs: team turnover leading to loss of institutional testing knowledge; test results lost in a sea of monthly reports or lengthy spreadsheets; disagreements with creative, engineering or analytics teams; and senior-level executives that just don’t […]