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Segmentation, Personalization, and College Basketball

March is here and people around the country are preparing to fill out tournament brackets in anticipation. In addition to taking over the watercooler for a month, the NCAA Tournament famously contributes to a huge dip in productivity. This year it’s projected to cost as much as $6.3 billion as otherwise faithful employees engage in a bit of shirking to catch games. But the month of crazy college basketball isn’t just fun and games. There’s a lot to learn by digging into some basketball data, too.

MOBILE-IZE THIS: What You Need to Know About Mobile Web Experimentation

Thanks for joining us on this four-part series designed to tell you everything you need to know when considering mobile web or native app experimentation. So far, we’ve gone over the top mobile stats that illustrate how mobile-obsessed consumers are, we’ve outlined the primary differences between native app and mobile web, and we shared what you need to know about native apps. In this post, our concluding piece, we’ll dive into mobile web and how experimentation fits.

“Oh, BEhave!” Ethical Experimentation: Using Behavioral Economics for Good

There’s no shortage of dialogue around the ethical code of digital experimentation. Flashback to the Facebook experiment that was socialized years ago. As you may recall, Facebook ran an experiment where they tested the display of positive news feed content vs. the display of negative news feed content to see how it impacted user sentiment and interaction. It caused quite an uproar and people questioned the ethics behind (quite literally) playing with people’s’ emotions for the sake of research.

MOBILE-IZE THIS: Native App vs. Mobile Web – Laying the Groundwork for Mobile Experimentation

The fuel driving mobile’s relentless growth is primarily app usage, which alone makes up a majority of total digital engagement at 52 percent, according to comScore’s “U.S. Mobile App Report.” But confusion still exists within the industry. For nearly a decade consumers have jumbled native apps and mobile web by bundling them into the all encompassing “mobile.”

“Oh, BEhave!” – Create a Powerhouse Methodology Using Quantitative and Qualitative Data Alongside Behavioral Economics

Over my past six years in optimization, I’ve seen a shift in the way experimentation strategies are created.  First, it was all gut and intuition.  Next, it was all about best practices. Today, it’s all about quantitative and qualitative data. But more advanced experimentation programs laying the foundation for tomorrow’s testing are integrating behavioral economics (BE) into their ideation process.  Wondering how this works?