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Click Summit 2017 – Retrospective & Key Clickaways

For those of you, who attended Click Summit, thank your participation, time, and for being part of an evolving community. For those of you, who missed this premier event, we invite you to mark your calendars for May 7-9, 2018.  For all of you, here’s a conference summary with 175 key Clickaways – actionable strategies and tactics your testing and optimization teams can prioritize for implementation in your organization – from all 23 conversations.

How to Gain Testing and Optimization Traction Within Your Organization

Note: This post is relevant if you are building awareness about experimentation in your organization.

Testing and optimization are moving targets today. Digital marketing continues to evolve, communication channels mature, and technologies change. As the president of Brooks Bell, I work with world-class marketing teams and digital strategists, helping top brands increase the impact and efficiency of their testing programs. A common question I come across is: “How do I change our company culture so everyone embraces experimentation?”

5 Must-Read Optimization Posts for November

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Check out 5 must-read conversion optimization articles (plus one from Brooks Bell) that you might have missed this month: Optimizely Online Shopping Trends – Europe 2016. Ecommerce is the fastest growing retail market in Europe and with growth expected to reach £215.38 billion in 2017, it is becoming pivotal for online brands to keep their customers […]

5 Must-Read Optimization Posts for the Week of August 19

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As mobile commerce continues to rise in popularity, marketers continue to try to crack the conversion code. How can you make the journey from browsing to checkout as seamless as possible? A recent Business2Community post examines three important features of highly optimized mobile sites. Quick tip: Include a checkout progress indicator. Continue reading: Mobile conversion […]

5 Must-Read Optimization Posts for the Week of August 12

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How does a fashion retailer unite online and offline experiences? Or strike a balance between creating an online customer experience unique to the company and increasing sales through third-party websites like Amazon? In an interview published on Qubit’s blog, the head of ecommerce at Joe Browns talks about ecommerce strategy, personalization, and boosting growth in […]

5 Must-Read Optimization Posts for the Week of August 5

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When growing your business, how do you find the right customer acquisition channel without overspending or investing in the wrong opportunities? That’s the question answered in a recent post on Optimizely’s blog. In an interview, the CMO of 99designs discusses reducing customer acquisition costs and optimizing customer acquisition through A/B testing. Read the post: how […]

5 Must-Read Optimization Posts for the Week of July 29

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Marketers should be more sophisticated in understanding the nuances of the customer journey, according to a recent post on Monetate’s blog. The company’s research shows that less than half of all purchases happen within the first hour of a shopper’s browsing session—and 16 percent happen about one day after a shopper first visited a site. The takeaway? Think about helping […]

5 Must-Read Optimization Posts for the Week of July 22

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To make your product more successful, make your target audience the heroes of your story. That’s the message of writer and consultant Donna Lichaw, who was recently interviewed in Content Science Review. “Customers don’t really care about your brand’s story; they only care about their own story and their problems,” she said. “You have to […]