You’ve got a winner – now what?

Winner winner chicken dinner! Discovering a winning variation is one of the most exciting moments for an optimization program. It’s the moment when all the work that went into creating a test finally pays off. But while you should always take time to celebrate your team’s accomplishment, hold off on busting out the champagne just […]

Let’s Meet Up!

In this era of video conferencing and emails, there is something to be said for face-to-face meetings.  So, where are we gonna be? Check it out below–and drop by or drop us a note if you want to meet up!   Opticon September 11-13, 2018 The Cosmopolitan, Las Vegas, NV Details: Don’t miss our CEO Brooks Bell […]

Unlocking the True Power of Testing & Other Takeaways from Brooks Bell’s Interview With Ambition Data

Recently, our Founder and CEO, Brooks Bell, sat down with Allison Hartsoe, host of the Customer Equity Accelerator—a podcast produced by Ambition Data. Listen to the full podcast or read on for a few highlights from their conversation:  On what inspired her to build an experimentation consultancy… Originally, Brooks founded Brooks Bell Inc. in 2003 as […]

9 Things You Can Do Now to Ensure Your Experimentation Program Survives a Reorganization

It often begins with rumors and murmurs. Then, perhaps, a shift in executive leadership. At first, changes seem minor or isolated. But eventually, the inevitable becomes reality—a reorg is underway. Because testing programs typically work with and across several divisions in a business and don’t fulfill a traditional business function, they are particularly vulnerable during […]