Video Series: Conquer Your Biggest Testing Challenges

Here at Brooks Bell, we work with many different clients at different stages in testing maturity.

Yet, regardless of whether we’re working with a new or established testing program, we find they all face common enemies: pressure to deliver results; inefficient processes; a lack of understanding and support for testing; difficulty iterating on and applying learnings from test results; and, of course, retaining and growing their budget for testing.

In this four-part video series, you’ll hear from Suzi Tripp, Sr. Director of Innovative Solutions at Brooks Bell, Jonathan Hildebrand, our Sr. Director of Design & UX, and Claire Schmitt, our VP of Strategic Consulting and Solutions. They’ll discuss tips and tricks for addressing these challenges. You’ll also get insight into best practices for organizing your testing program, developing smarter tests, showcasing test results and quantifying the impact of testing, and using testing to obtain meaningful insights about your customers.

Check out the first video below. Watch the full series by filling out the form at the bottom of this post.

Part 1: Storing and Learning from Past Tests

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  • Collaborative Ideation / Strategizing Better Tests
  • Communicating Testing Insights Up The Ladder
  • Retaining and Growing Testing Budget