Unlocking the True Power of Testing & Other Takeaways from Brooks Bell’s Interview With Ambition Data

Recently, our Founder and CEO, Brooks Bell, sat down with Allison Hartsoe, host of the Customer Equity Accelerator—a podcast produced by Ambition Data. Listen to the full podcast or read on for a few highlights from their conversation:  On what inspired her to build an experimentation consultancy… Originally, Brooks founded Brooks Bell Inc. in 2003 as […]

Part 2: Our Top Takeaways from Click Summit 2018

Last week, we shared the first of many takeaways from Click Summit 2018, our annual conference for professionals in digital experimentation and personalization. This week, we’re back with more insights from each impactful conversation, inspired by this year’s edition of Clickaways. 1. Manage the three P’s of scaling your testing program: people, process, prioritization. Many companies […]

“Oh, BEhave!” Ethical Experimentation: Using Behavioral Economics for Good

There’s no shortage of dialogue around the ethical code of digital experimentation. Flashback to the Facebook experiment that was socialized years ago. As you may recall, Facebook ran an experiment where they tested the display of positive news feed content vs. the display of negative news feed content to see how it impacted user sentiment and interaction. It caused quite an uproar and people questioned the ethics behind (quite literally) playing with people’s’ emotions for the sake of research.

5 Must-Read Optimization Posts for the Week of June 6

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Solving for customer intent produces stronger business results. That’s what Acronym Media, a search agency that specializes in “intent-based internet marketing,” has found. In a recent interview with Think with Google, Acronym CMO Mike Grehan explains that connecting with users during their I-want-to-know moments—rather than just during the I-want-to-buy moments—helps build brand affinity and influence […]