Who’s Hiring in March

Devote some of your March Madness or spring break to looking for that next dream job! What are some of the hottest jobs this month? Directors, managers and analysts may be among some of the most popular optimization, personalization and testing job titles, but there are plenty of positions to choose from.

Explaining UX to a 10-year-old

In our work, we hear the term UX (User Experience) thrown around all the time, but what does it mean, and how should you be talking about it? This is a question we get all the time, so we asked our UX team to tell us what that meant to them.

We started by asking Brooks Bell Director of UX and Design Jonathan Hildebrand, and he said the best way to explain any complex topic is to think about how you would explain it to a 10-year-old.

5 Must-Read Optimization Posts for the Week of July 15

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Personalization is currently a hot topic in ecommerce—perhaps the hottest. But with all the talk about tactics and trends (not to mention all the money spent implementing personalization programs), companies are still in the beginning stages of figuring out how to get it right. A recent post on ConversionXL’s blog explores how to create a […]

5 Must-Read Optimization Posts for the Week of May 30

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If you want to increase ecommerce sales, you need to think beyond improving abandonment rates and checkout flow. In a new Inc. article, the CEO of Magento, one of the most popular ecommerce platforms, explains that the fast-evolving ecommerce landscape requires flexibility, engagement, and creativity. He also talks about the role content plays in establishing […]