Click Summit is a unique three-day experience for enterprise digital leaders to share best practices and swap ideas about the future of testing and personalization. The dynamic conversations that occur during Click Summit could not happen without the insights and energy of our moderators.

All moderators are given a free pass to Click Summit.

What Makes a Great Click Summit Conversation Moderator?

A digitally savvy decision-maker

Our moderators have at least 5-10 years experience leading experimentation, user experience, analytics or data science programs at enterprise organizations.

A curious conversationalist

Our moderators know when to talk and when to listen, and they ask thoughtful questions that inspire lively discussion

A passionate subject-matter expert

Whether it’s developing an omnichannel experimentation strategy, dealing with decreasing win rates, bringing data into the creative process, or using testing to advocate for change within their organization, our moderators have a keen understanding of highly relevant experience optimization topics.

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