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Conversion Rate Optimization for Food, Beverage & Hospitality Brands

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Times are tough for the food, beverage and hospitality industry

The coronavirus has created huge challenges for food, beverage and hospitality companies. Restaurants face increasing demand for delivery and low foot traffic. For retailers and distributors, keeping essential items in stock as well as ensuring customers are aware of their in-stock status, has also proved to be challenging.

Brooks Bell has 16+ years of experience in digital experience optimization and is here for companies affected by the coronavirus at this time. We’re offering up our end-to-end conversion rate optimization services to help brands like yours capitalize on the increase in traffic to its website and mobile app, and optimize the online buying experience through this crisis and beyond.

We provide world-class conversion rate optimization services for food, beverage & hospitality brands

Uncover Your Most Valuable Customer Segments

From millennials to meal preppers, families of four to fast-casual fanatics: when it comes to crafting great digital experiences, understanding your customers is critical. But when you’re operating a business with many disparate data sources⁠—leveraging customer data to optimize the path to purchase is a lot easier said than done.

At Brooks Bell, our vision is to find the people behind the data. Through identifying and prioritizing your customer segments, we’ll help you understand which customer attributes and experience touchpoints lead to successful purchases. 

Map & Streamline Your Customer Journey

Applying data science and advanced statistical modeling, we’ll map out your customers’ journey to and through your site, identifying an optimal path for conversion. With this information, we can identify ways to streamline your customer journey as well as key pages to optimize.

Reduce Friction & Increase Your Purchase Conversion Rates

Combining user experience research, analytics, and multivariate testing, we’ll uncover ways to tweak your website or mobile app that will convert more browsers to buyers and reduce friction in the purchase process—across all devices.

Personalize the Online Dining Experience

Most digital consumers now expect some degree of personalization when interacting with brands online. This can be especially important for food and beverage brands, as well as any associated delivery services. When it comes to personalization, our services range from strategic consulting to full-service execution. Through joining your customer data with external data sources, we can quickly create, test and launch data-driven personalization campaigns that will increase revenue by creating valuable experiences for key customer groups. 

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Our Work In Action

Hear from Jay Ramirez, Mobile Product Manager at Chick-fil-A on his experience working with Brooks Bell to optimize Chick-fil-A’s mobile app.

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Founded in 2003, Brooks Bell is a consulting firm focused exclusively on building world-class experimentation programs for enterprise brands. 

Headquartered in Raleigh, NC, we’ve spent the last 16+years helping companies better leverage their data, technology and workforce to solve digital challenges and deliver a better customer experience.

All of our engagements are focused on capacity building. That means, while we can do the work for you, we prefer to work alongside you.  This enables your team to take full ownership of your experimentation programs whenever you feel ready. Learn more about our approach.