Centralizing and sharing test data and insights are critical to expanding your testing program. Stakeholders have to understand and see the value your team brings to the organization. Having this information in an easy-to-use and digestible format makes illuminate a game-changer.

-David Parker
Online optimization manager

Get Aligned.

Optimization is a team effort. Create a custom workspace to manage your testing program. Invite team members and other key contributors to collaborate on your A/B testing roadmap and strategy.

One workspace, unlimited collaboration

Invite any and all team members and stakeholders to your illuminate workspace. Manage user permissions to determine their level of access.

Completely customized

Flexible back-end settings make it easy to set up your workspace with your brands, filters, segments, devices and goals—surfacing the most relevant information for your business.


Create a searchable library of past, current and future A/B tests. Build individual test records, attach screenshots, store results as well as any insights or learnings as you go along.

Integrates with Adobe Target

Our self-service Adobe Target integration makes it easy to connect your Adobe Target account and access your A/B test data within the tool.

Build your roadmap

Use illuminate to log and prioritize test ideas building off of existing customer insights. Convert ideas into active test records when you’re ready.

View test information at a glance

Gantt chart, kanban board, and preview-pane views enable you to see high-level information about any individual test or group of tests.

Get Buy-In.

Don’t bury your wins or aha moments in a spreadsheet. Use illuminate to show the value of experimentation over time, and build interactive A/B test reports and dazzling case studies your executive team will love.

Customizable dashboard

Track the performance of your testing activities against program KPIs and your impact on broader company goals, like revenue or account creation.

Easily share case studies

Create a public sharing link to share A/B test case studies and reports with key stakeholders across your company.

You control the narrative

illuminate makes it easy to select which data and insights you want to highlight in your case studies.

Get Smarter.

Access all of your customer insights and A/B test learnings in one place. Organize these insights by device, segment, channel, or any other relevant filters.

Powered by Brooks Bell’s Insights Framework

Use our Whypothesis™ and Insight Altitude® Customer Insight Tools to organize your test outcomes, brainstorm and test customer theories, and uncover key insights about your customers to drive your business forward.

Learn what makes your customers tick

Connect the dots between your A/B test results and your customer’s preferences and motivations by testing key behavioral psychology and behavioral economics principles.

Built by and for
experimentation experts

illuminate is not just another A/B testing tool. It was vetted, built and re-built by and for enterprise experimentation professionals.

Since 2003, Brooks Bell has been working to transform enterprise businesses through experimentation and insights. We originally created illuminate to better communicate and align with our clients. By launching it to the public for free, we hope to further our goal to help companies leverage experimentation to manage risk, transform intelligently and achieve true customer-centricity.

The best part?
illuminate is
completely free.

Set up your account and take the first step toward a more organized and impactful optimization program.

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