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Martin Kelleher Joins Brooks Bell as COO/CFO

April 7, 2016

The Brooks Bell Team


Raleigh, NC (April, 2016) —Brooks Bell, the premier firm focused exclusively on enterprise-level A/B split testing, targeting, and optimization services, announced today that Martin Kelleher has joined the company as COO/CFO. Kelleher will lead operations, finance, and marketing for the company.

SouthernLoveStudios-6416“I’m excited to empower the organization through improved processes, tools and systems,” said Kelleher. “But I’m also here to have lots of fun. I believe if you don’t have a sense of humor you have no sense!”

Kelleher will help the company scale its operations as it brings in new clients and services offerings.

“Brooks Bell has such an awesome culture,” continued Kelleher. “The opportunity to help the team scale while retaining its vibrant culture compelled me to join”

Kelleher relocated to Raleigh, NC from Boston, MA. A native of Ireland, he earned his bachelor’s degree in Commerce at University College Cork. After qualifying as an Accountant in the United Kingdom, he continued his education stateside, earning his MBA at Duke University. Prior to joining Brooks Bell, Kelleher held various leadership roles at Sears Holdings Corporations, DiningIn, SonicBids, and Monster.