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Naoshi Yamauchi Promoted to Vice President of Analytics & Testing at Brooks Bell

December 16, 2011

The Brooks Bell Team


Brooks Bell is pleased to announce the recent promotion of Naoshi Yamauchi to the position of Vice President of Analytics & Testing.

Previous to this promotion, Yamauchi was Brooks Bell’s Director of Analytics and handled all data and analysis for Brooks Bell clients. In his new position, he will oversee all data and analytic initiatives and also focus on testing strategy for Brooks Bell clients using Adobe Test&Target.

“Naoshi is an effective leader in our company and in the industry,” said Brooks Bell CEO Brooks Bell. “In his two years at Brooks Bell he has helped establish us as the leading independent firm focused exclusively on conversion optimization and A/B testing.”

Prior to working with Brooks Bell, Naoshi was the Business Intelligence Manager for Lulu.com where he managed and led projects to drive analytics-based decision-making in the company.