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New Research from Brooks Bell Reveals How Marketers Can Test Their Way to Success This Peak Shopping Season

October 29, 2020

Leigh Kinnell


Report offers data-backed insights to marketers in the retail, travel and finance industries navigating digital holiday campaign plans

RALEIGH, N.C. — October 29, 2020 — Brooks Bell, the technology-enabled agency dedicated to helping global brands build remarkable customer experiences through conversion rate optimization and personalization, today released our Black Friday’s Big Test report examining how marketers can use experimentation strategies to successfully navigate this year’s peak shopping season, October 31 to December 31. 

With less in-store foot traffic and more shoppers looking for deals in their browser windows this year, the report uses insights from Brooks Bell’s proprietary testing management software, Illuminate®, to reveal how marketers in the retail, travel and finance industries can use experimentation approaches to optimize their digital strategies to meet their business goals. Highlighting an 11% drop in experiment win rates across industries during the COVID-19 pandemic, the report offers analysis on which experimentation strategies will lead to the most success this peak shopping season, as well as the missed opportunities business should address. 

“Peak shopping season has consistently represented a crucial time for marketers, across all industries, but this year is more critical than ever,” said Gregory Ng, CEO at Brooks Bell. “After facing quarters of lost revenue and attempting to navigate changing consumer behavior amid the pandemic, there’s pressure on businesses to get their holiday campaign plans right. Through thoughtful testing efforts, marketers can not only gather insights to understand how to optimize their websites to best meet consumer needs but also use this year’s findings to plan for an even more successful 2021.” 

As marketers look to navigate changing consumer behavior this peak shopping season, the report offers data-backed analyses and recommendations that reveal valuable insights for the retail, travel and finance industries.

Key findings from the report include:

  • Retail: According to the data, this year, retailers appear to be committed to their well-worn strategies that have worked in the past, as opposed to testing new opportunities. But instead of potentially leaving money on the table by going the safe route, Illuminate’s® findings suggest retail marketers should take advantage of the extended buying season by testing often, especially when it comes to displaying product prices and diversifying the checkout process.
  • Travel: According to the report, travel marketers double the volume of experiments in peak season and consequently reap successful returns. In fact, the report found that test win rates for campaigns that lean into easing the mental effort for customers were high. This year, as more consumers seek safe getaways, travel marketers should consider testing packages or bundles for safe, clean road trips and budget hotel options.
  • Finance: While financial institutions don’t sell “stocking stuffers” they are what makes holiday shopping possible for most consumers. According to the report’s insights, this year, marketers in finance should deploy tests that focus on easing anxiety. For example, testing messaging around common 401k questions, refinancing options and payment deferrals. 

Access Black Friday’s Big Test here: https://www.brooksbell.com/resource/white-paper/black-fridays-big-test/ 

To find out more about illuminate,visit: https://www.brooksbell.com/illuminate/


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