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Adobe's powerful analytics are used by almost all Brooks Bell customers.

Modern web analytics takes everything great about modern data science — from complex segmentation to predictive tools to real-time reporting — and applies it to the original digital channel. This gives you real insights that drive the decisions that help both your customer and your bottom line.

Adobe Analytics Cloud, part of Adobe Experience Cloud, is the core system of intelligence for the modern-day Experience Business.

By enabling a rich understanding of offline and digital data through the lens of customer journeys, brands can make informed decisions and build loyal relationships. Adobe Analytics Cloud combines Adobe Analytics, the leading solution for real-time data insights and predictive analytics, with Adobe Audience Manager, the leading data and audience management platform. With Adobe Analytics Cloud, anyone has the tools to close the insights-to-action gap, instantly creating value from data.

Built on the Adobe Cloud Platform, which provides open APIs, a standard data model and Adobe Sensei, Adobe’s unified AI and machine learning framework, Adobe Analytics Cloud enables modern intelligence teams to operate smarter and faster in capturing, rationalizing and understanding vast amounts of disparate data. Nearly two-thirds of the Fortune 100 turn to Adobe Analytics Cloud to address today’s digital challenges, with the number of customers more than doubling between 2014 and 2017.

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