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10 Exceptional Posts From Our Partners—Because We’re Thankful for Being Part of Such an Excellent Industry


Happy Thanksgiving GreetingsFrom customer engagement to personalization, mobile optimization to storytelling with data, the testing and optimization industry has never been so exciting. This is a testament, in large part, to the amazing efforts of our many partners. Each one is working hard to expand the capabilities, scope, and adoption of testing methodologies, platforms, and practices. So, instead of our usual weekly Top 5, we’d like to take a moment to give thanks to our partners and point you to some of our favorite reads.

Adobe: The conversion journey: From anonymous visitor to engaged customer. Personalization is the goal of many optimization programs today—but how can you personalize an experience for an anonymous visitor? This post walks through some techniques you can use to understand and engage these visitors.

Artisan: Combating mobile cart abandonment. Cart abandonment is a confounding challenge across all ecommerce channels—but mobile, which appeals to consumers that tend to be more distracted, can concentrate the problem. If you’re struggling to improve cart abandonment on mobile channels, the suggestions in this post will be helpful.

ClickTale: The 4 most common problems with mobile websites. After studying thousands of mobile websites with their eye-tracking software, analysts at ClickTale were able to identify four common problems that commonly lead to poor mobile performance—and they can help you optimize mobile sites for higher conversion. 

Ensighten: It’s time you took control of your digital analytics strategy. For any digital analytics leader, defining program and organizational goals is critical for success. This can be a challenge no single tool or vendor can solve for you. But smart strategy can help drive goal setting and planning.

Google Analytics: Tell a meaningful story with data. Data, we all know, is powerful. But with a good story, it’s unforgettable. Increasingly, analysts are required to move beyond simple reporting and tasked with presenting compelling stories based on data.

Maxymiser: How and why to test during the holiday season. Many brands are hesitant to test during the holiday shopping season—but it represents one of the most important opportunities for optimization all year. This post will help you identify the risks and benefits of testing during high traffic periods.

Monetate: Finding your own conversion rate optimization best practices. There’s no single way to improve conversion rates—though based on the number of best practice guides available it’s understandable if you think there might be one. Instead, create your own set of best practices through iterative testing.

Optimizely: 5 traits of best-in-class optimization teams. If you want to create an outstanding testing program, there are a few elements worth focusing on. Based on extensive reviews of their own customers, Optimizely has identified five key traits that the best-in-class programs share.

Qubit: 5 tests in 5 minutes: How to do website personalization quickly and effectively. Developing great personalization ideas can be tough—but it doesn’t have to be. These five ideas won’t replace a comprehensive personalization strategy, but they will help you get the process started.

Tealium: The marketing funnel is dead—long live the customer! The way we research and shop for products has changed dramatically. As a result, your optimization strategies can’t be focused on moving shoppers down a funnel. Instead, they must address the long and complex journey that ultimately leads to a more meaningful relationship extended over a lengthy period of time.

Plus, don’t miss the latest post from our own blog:

Brooks Bell: What testing program structure is right for you? Usually, a team or individual starts testing and the program evolves organically as resources, scope, and impact expand. But developing an optimal process and structure requires a more intentional approach. This post gives you an outline of the pros and cons of the most popular testing program organization models.

Bonus: Don’t miss the upcoming partner webinar with Qubit and Econsultancy—The difficult problems around your A/B testing strategy answered—on Tuesday, December 9, 2014 at 11 a.m. Eastern.