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16 Favorite Reads From Our Partners—Thanks for a Terrific 2015!


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Every year, our partners continue to impress us with their improved capabilities, scope, adoption of testing methodologies, platforms and practices. Each one is working hard to improve on customer engagement, personalization, mobile optimization, analytics and more. The testing, personalization and optimization space has never been so exciting.

At Brooks Bell, we are forever thankful for the opportunity to work with excellent partners. These industry leaders are always innovating—and have some great content to share, too.

So, instead of our usual weekly must-reads, we’d like to take a moment to give thanks to our partners and point you to some of our favorite reads.

Adobe: 5 things optimization leaders do (or should be doing). There’s a lot of advice lately on how to be a better optimization leader, but these five key areas are differentiators, characterized by a willingness to take risks and position testing and optimization as critical to marketing success.

Bloomreach: Site search is sexier than you think. Amazon and Google have such effective search functions that customers have come to expect one-to-one search recommendations. Contrast that with nearly a third of other site searches ending in failure, it’s time to start taking this area of your site seriously. 

ClickTale: Online mental models that drive digital experience. Research shows that our brains produce a mental model of how websites should look and function. This collection of concepts identifies familiar patterns which consumers naturally prefer, and which optimization and user experience professionals should take into account when testing.

Decibel Insight: 5 expert tips on how ecommerce stores can make the most out of Christmas. A series of interviews with ecommerce experts provides insight into the areas of customer experience that brands must address in advance of the holiday season.

Demandware: Demandware predicts—Retail in 2016. Based on experience working with some of the world’s largest retailers, these industry insights provide a unique perspective on where retail is headed next year.

Ensighten: The danger in poor data quality. A recent audit including 200 of the top Internet retail websites found that data quality problems are rampant. Inflated, lost, or inconsistent data erodes trust in your testing program and can lead to misguided decisions.

Google Analytics: Think with Google: Understanding micro-moments. Mobile has changed the way we interact with brands—and what we expect from these interactions. Perhaps most significantly, mobile is changing the way we move through the customer decision journey, creating a series of “micro-moments”—each defined by a more granular context and objective.

Leanplum: Why personalization matters on mobile. Marketers must construct meaningful relationships with their customers. The best way to do this is by understanding what customers need and providing it at the right time, and mobile is the 24/7 access point.

Maxymiser: Getting segmentation right. One-size-fits-all marketing no longer addresses the needs of businesses or consumers. While true personalization remains a complex goal rarely attained, effective segmentation can help provide relevant experiences to customers. 

Monetate: 5 (mostly) fast ways to optimize your website for holiday shoppers. Though Black Friday is right around the corner, it’s not too late to make improvements to your website to maximize holiday revenue. These five ideas are relatively quick and simple to execute.

Optimizely: Why an experiment without a hypothesis is dead on arrival. Creating a hypothesis is an essential part of experimentation but it’s not always easy. This guide to writing hypotheses is a helpful way to get started.

Qubit: Why 75% of consumers aren’t completing their purchase. Delivering the perfect message at the right time is crucial for encouraging order completion. Just how important is this type of targeting? When online retailer Farfetch added targeted messages to key pages, they were able to increase conversion by more than 17 percent.

SiteSpect: Don’t fall in love with your site redesign. Website redesigns are highly-anticipated and costly overhauls that may not lead to an increase in conversion and may, in fact, have a negative impact. Companies frequently fall into this trap, but testing is the only way to understand the impact of changes.

Tealium: Marketers: Ditch big data, embrace smart data. Modern day-to-day management of a successful marketing program doesn’t allow time to get mired in the larger challenge of big data. Instead, the solution is to focus on smaller data points using big data as the source and send the rest off to a database.

True Fit: 10 steps to building tests to evaluate and verify technology ROI. Every technology vendor promises high returns on customer satisfaction and revenue, but will these tools really deliver on what’s promised? Develop a strategy for testing the technology to ensure you find a winner.

Plus, don’t miss the latest post from our own blog:

Brooks Bell: 5 test ideas to learn more about holiday shoppers. The holiday shopping period seems to grow longer each year—which means the opportunity for testing during this important period increases as well. These ideas will help you optimize your site during the holiday shopping period and may provide learning to inform strategy the rest of the year as well.

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