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3 Things Real Estate Can Teach You About Landing Page Optimization


Recently I was driving around my neighborhood and noticing how many homes were for sale. Given that the low-end price of a house in my hood is around $700K (I assure you, I’m a renter), I considered the challenge of standing out and getting your house noticed in this glutted buyer’s market. And then I realized that real estate could actually teach us some important lessons about landing page optimization.

Get to the good stuff first and fast.

A real estate technique I recently observed really struck me as clever. On a road with at least seven homes for sale, one house stood out from the rest. Next to the typical “For Sale” sign stood a multi-tiered sign. On it were details about the home, like “Gourmet Kitchen,” “Ground-level Master Suite” and “4BR/4BA.” If a potential homebuyer is driving around a neighborhood, this is going to give them an immediate snapshot of what they can’t see from the outside of the house.

Too many landing pages get lost in heavy copy and multiple CTAs. Using scannable, bulleted benefits is a fast way to get the “drive by” traffic to slow down and take a closer look. You want them to take a further look at what you have to offer. Put the good stuff upfront and tempt the customer to learn more and lean closer to conversion.

Check your curb appeal.

Imagine driving through a beautiful neighborhood with several homes for sale. The houses are in great shape; yards are landscaped… except for that one house. The yard is overgrown, the paint’s peeling on the front door. You drive right on by to the next house. It wouldn’t take a lot to fix these cosmetic issues and make the home instantly more appealing, as well as fit to compete with the other homes for sale in that area.

The same is true of your landing page. How many times have you clicked on a link only to immediately bounce after landing on a hideous page? More is not more, people. You need to give your page some curb appeal. An appealing, easy-to-follow eye path, a simple color palette and streamlined copy and one call to action that is easily found. Remember, you’re competing with other landing pages that may be getting their message across in a more aesthetically pleasing way. So while function is important, you can’t forget the power of good design. And while this may seem to be a no-brainer, I can’t tell you how many hideous landing pages we see on a regular basis.

Build up some excitement.

The other day I drove by a house that was almost for sale. That’s right… almost. I’d never seen this technique used before, so I slowed down and took a closer look. The agent had posted a sign that basically said, “Soon to be on the market!”

I found that to be genius. When you show people something really cool that will be available soon—but not just yet—it incites a bit of customer lust. The same could be done with a landing page campaign, when paired with the right drivers. Whether it’s a product that is about to be launched or an event about to open for registration, calling attention to a product and giving people a heads up before its availability is an intriguing marketing tactic. And an even more intriguing test.

Selling a house in this market isn’t unlike selling your product online. There are a lot of distractions and competition. And there’s more supply than demand. What other real estate tactics can you apply to your landing page optimization?