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4 Things You Can Learn From a Red-Nosed Reindeer


You know Dasher and Dancer and Prancer and all the rest of those miscreant reindeer. But there’s that one outlier—the underdog, the unknown player. That’s right, I’m talking about Rudolph. And until he got props from Santa, he wasn’t winning any popularity contests. When the Big Guy tapped Rudolph to help him fly on that foggy Christmas Eve, he suddenly had social acceptance. So what can we learn from Rudolph and his story that’s applicable to conversion optimization?

1. Embrace your unique qualities. What do you offer that’s different from your competition? Find the angle that sells your unique point of view in the marketplace and set yourself apart.

2. People are skeptical about the things they don’t understand. If your conversion path doesn’t clearly identify the benefits and explain the product you’re trying to sell, it does you no favors. Likewise, if you oversell your product or use a lot of gimmicks, it can breed lack of trust.

3. Testimonials should come from respected sources. If one of Santa’s elves had chimed in to defend Rudolph, he probably would have been stuffed in a trashcan by those other reindeer. But when the Boss (Santa, not Springsteen) picked Rudolph to guide his sleigh, that was the ringing endorsement the little guy needed. Be sure your testimonials are sincere, and from sources that will garner instant trust.

4. The best position is at the front of the line. Rudolph had it good. By being the most valuable to Santa, he was put out first in the lineup. What your customers need is always going to be changing. To stay in front of the competition, you must constantly be expanding and emphasizing your value to them. Otherwise, you’re going to be staring at a bunch of reindeer butts.