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5 Copy Rules for More Online Conversions


Does your copy have a voice?

There’s a lot of copy out there in the Internet ether. And the unfortunate fact for writers like me is that people really don’t read most of it. We tend to scan for information and, when faced with dense blocks of text, we tend to leave the page. This can be bad news for sites trying to get maximum conversions.

Your copy needs to really speak to the audience and get them engaged. So what can you do to give your copy a conversion tune-up?

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  1. Don’t bury the lead. It’s one of the first things I learned in journalism class. Too many sites waste valuable time and real estate using cute headlines that tell us nothing about the product. Benefit-driven copy will engage the customer and motivate them to convert faster.
  2. Use scannable copy tactics. Bullets, bolding and white space are your friends. Think about the words you want to jump out at your customer. It should be easy for them to quickly answer “What’s in it for me?”
  3. Split your customers in half. There are two kinds of people buying online. Those that make a fast decision based on the information they immediately process, and those that need to take some time to dive deeper and learn more. You can satisfy both segments by keeping the short, benefit-heavy messaging and a bold CTA at the top of the page for the former. Give the latter more description and explanation, and do so in an organized way. (Refer to the previous advice—keep it scannable.)
  4. Speak in layman’s terms. There’s no need to talk down to your audience, but there isn’t a need to throw $5 words around, either. A conversational but professional tone puts the customer at ease, much more so than using language that they may need a dictionary to understand. And speaking of dictionaries…
  5. Proof your site. This means hiring a professional or having a trusted copy-savvy friend look it over thoroughly. When I see multiple typos on a site, I am out of there. Not only is it embarrassingly unprofessional, but it takes away your credibility. Seems like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised how many sites out there are sporting some wicked bad errors.

In an online world of multiple distractions, catching and keeping someone’s attention can be a challenging task. Using these simple rules is a good start to optimizing your copy for more conversions. Take a look at your messaging…can you see some room for improvement?