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5 Marketing Words You Should Never Use Again


E-mail Blast

If you’re doing your subscription/contact list right, it’s completely opt-in and easy to unsubscribe, as well as segmented. You’re not “blasting” an e-mail to a bunch of people who don’t care about your stuff. You’re sending relevant, useful emails to the specific segments of your list who need them.


When you are producing a game, video, or other thing that you hope will become “viral” eventually, it’s still too early to call it “viral.” By its very definition, something viral has already spread.

Web 2.0

Yeah, I get that you think this idea is still pretty cutting edge, or maybe you’re not quite sure what it means yet, but it’s played out now. It used to refer to a brand new way of thinking about interacting on the web, but it’s not a brand new way anymore, and everyone’s doing it. So skip calling it “Web 2.0.” No one will be impressed.


There’s nothing wrong with looking for a Return On Investment (ROI). The word, though, is over-used to the point of not even meaning anything. If you really want to demonstrate how your client’s investment is helping them, you need to have a testing plan in place, and be able to produce solid results that show an improvement in whatever metric you are measuring (click-through rate, etc.).


Again, there’s nothing wrong with being customer-centric, but you need to show that you are customer-centric, not just say it. How do you show it? By listening to what the customer wants– Test, test, test! If you’re testing, you don’t have to say you are customer-centric, because your whole strategy depends on what the customers do.

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