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5 Must-Have Mobile Apps for Testing and Conversion Optimization


Just because you are away from your computer doesn’t mean you can’t get some testing work done on your mobile device. (Let’s face it: our mobile devices are just as powerful these days.) Here are the 5 must-have mobile apps for testing and conversion optimization.

Adobe Test&Target iPhone App

If you’re like us, you are obsessed with checking your Adobe Test&Target test results. This Adobe Test&Target iPhone App does more than just give you real-time campaign reports, though. You can now approve and deactivate campaigns, calculate lift percentages and confidence levels and edit campaign details on the go.

You can download the Adobe Test&Target iPhone App from the iTunes App Store here.



Adobe SiteCatalyst iPad App

We were pretty disappointed with the Adobe SiteCatalyst iPhone app that came out a couple of years ago. It seemed to be a rush to market with frequent crashes, “not deep enough” data insights and wonky UX. Last year Adobe released this Adobe SiteCatalyst iPad App and we can’t keep our fingers off of it. The advantage of this app in iPad is the utilization of the extra screen size the iPad provides over iPhone and the ability to use multi-touch to zoom in on specific data points.

You can download the Adobe SiteCatalyst iPad App from the iTunes App Store here.



Statistical Significance Calculator App

We were constantly fielding questions from clients on how many conversion successes we needed before we achieved statistically significant results. In response we created this handy Statistical Significance Calculator for our mobile devices. While there are others on the market, this one was created specifically to gauge statistical significance for digital marketing tests.

You can access the Brooks Bell Statistical Significance App for FREE here.



Quicklytics -Google Analytics iPhone App

Sometimes you just need a quick executive-level summary of your traffic. We like this nifty app because it delivers a very lightweight insight to all of your Google Analytics data. I currently have eight websites loaded in my Quicklytics app and can flick through the results quickly and easily.

You can download the Quicklytics Google Analytics iPhone App  from the iTunes App Store here.



Mobile GA for Android App

There is a great divide here at Brooks Bell between iPhone and Android users. Those on the Android side use this app for Google Analytics data on their Android device. While we like the interface of the Quicklytics iPhone App better, this Android app has some more advanced reporting features including data range comparison and reports by geolocation.

You can download the Mobile GA for Android App from the Android Marketplace or learn more here.



BONUS Resource to Bookmark

Marketo’s Landing Page Calculator

While not an app, I always have this link bookmarked on my iPhone. It’s a handy Landing Page Calculator produced by Marketo that helps calculate how many test versions you should create and approximately how long your tests will need to run given your traffic level.

You can bookmark this Landing Page Calculator here.


These are the 5 must-have mobile apps that the conversion experts at Brooks Bell have loaded on our devices. How about you? Tell us in the comments what your go-to apps for testing and optimization are!