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5 Must-Read Optimization Posts for December


National Retail Federation Making Changes 
Retailers are tweaking everything from landing pages to images and fonts in their efforts to increase web conversion rates. Read this to see how to find the right match to produce optimal results.

CMS Wire Here’s what Marketers Should be Testing in the Holiday Home Stretch
Don’t hold back…
 continuously test and optimize your sites and other key digital touchpoints.

CMO 3 Brands Reveal their Top Marketing Predictions for 2017
See what L’Oreal, Helloworld, and Expedia have planned for their year ahead in digital marketing.

Internet Retailer How to Carry Mobile Holiday Success into 2017
Take advantage of what you know about the consumer, and make mobile shopping easy and fun.

Forbes CMO or SCHMO? 
Clinging to Old Marketing Models May be Hurting Rather than Helping Drive Growth.

Quote of the month “We’re going to start to see the data and analytics infrastructure coalesce in a way that enables the creation of a clear data strategy that can be activated in real-time.” -Brooks Bell, Founder & CEO