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5 Must-Read Optimization Posts for the Week of July 2


Looking for some optimization inspiration? Here are our top 5 picks for A/B testing and conversion optimization articles this week:

Unbounce: Pay with a tweet vs. pay with an email [case study with infographic]. Do people have a fear of public tweeting? That’s what Unbounce concluded after more people opted to “pay” for an ebook with an email than with a tweet.

Visual Website Optimizer: How AMD used A/B testing to achieve 3600% increase in social sharing. When the semiconductor designer AMD decided to test ShareThis placement, a left-position chicklet version with dynamic adjustment was declared the winner.

Digital Donor: “Best practices are nothing but polled ignorance.” Having more than one conflicting call-to-action on a landing page hurts your conversion rate, right? Not always, this marketer learned—especially when you employ the rule of reciprocity.

Neuromarketing: An easy way to make your prices seem lower. Prices that have more syllables when spoken actually seem higher to consumers, a recent study suggests. A product listed as $1199, then, may actually seem less expensive than one listed as $1,199.00.

Which Test Won: 2012 Email Testing Awards Hall of Fame.  Reebok, Yahoo and OfficeMax are among the hall of famers in Which Test Won’s email awards. Check out the case studies in nine categories—but do it soon, as the results will available only until July 31.

Quote of the Week

“Geospatial data is going to rip the lid off of what’s computable.” –IBM scientist Jeff Jonas in an Online Behavior interview during the eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit

Have you read any useful posts this week about A/B testing or online conversion? Share them in the comments below.