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5 Reasons Click Summit is Better than Typical Conferences


Click Summit is the premier testing and optimization event. This year, Click Summit will take place in our home of Raleigh, North Carolina, May 7-9, 2014. Find out more!

From the gift bags to the keynote, breakout sessions to cocktail hours, traditional conferences can be a lot of fun. If the event is well run, it can be productive as well. But all too often, people return from conferences remembering the fun but forgetting any useful information they may have heard along the way.

Click Summit—the ultimate testing and optimization event—is a very different conference. Small groups, closed-door sessions, and the opportunity to solve actual business problems with peers all help participants walk away with actionable ideas and new resources they can put to use right away.

Here are five reasons Click Summit is a unique experience:

1. Confidential Closed-Door Sessions

At Click Summit, sessions take place in a private setting and conversations are confidential. This allows participants to share real testing and optimization problems from their own businesses and learn from both shared and unique experiences. It’s an environment that encourages discussion and active participation from everyone in attendance.

2. Participate in Authentic Conversations with Executive-Level Attendees

At most conferences, there is a designated speaker—or maybe a panel—in front of the room, speaking at those in attendance. At Click Summit, there are no speakers to dictate the direction of sessions. Instead, moderators from top brands lead group discussions focused on testing and optimization. There’s no hand raising and no waiting to ask questions. Sessions are active, authentic conversations focused on deep exploration of testing and optimization topics.

3. Explore Practical Case Studies from Top Companies

A Click Summit favorite is the “rapid-fire case study” session. During these presentations, testing and optimization experts share their biggest wins. Each presenter gets five slides and five minutes to share his or her story—ensuring the session stays lively and no one gets bogged down in small details. Plus, attendees walk away with excellent ideas they can use in their own program.

4. Collaborate with Peers Across Industries

The open, participatory format of each session means participants have an opportunity to collaborate with their peers. By working with other testing and optimization practitioners to solve common problems, participants learn new techniques, methodologies, and solutions—all while gaining actionable ideas that can be implemented right away.

5. Build Lasting Relationships

All conferences have networking opportunities—and Click Summit is no different. The event features memorable dinners, cocktail hours, and surprise special events. And while these events help attendees get to know one another, the collaborative discussions that take place during each session ensure networking goes beyond an exchange of business cards. Indeed, Click Summit participants form lasting professional relationships, joining a mutually supportive group of testing and optimization experts that live on long after the event has ended.

Does this sound like the perfect event for you? Then sign up today!

Click Summit is the premier testing and optimization event. This year, Click Summit will take place in our home of Raleigh, North Carolina, May 7-9, 2014. Find out more!