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5 Reasons to Visit Brooks Bell at Adobe Summit


Heading to Adobe Summit later this month? Let’s meet up! Here are 5 reasons why you should stop by booth #265 and visit the BB team:

1. Find out what phase your experimentation program is in
At Brooks Bell, we work with a lot of experimentation programs, so we have a pretty good handle on what it takes to be successful. If you’re wondering how you stack up against others in your industry, drop by the booth and fill out a short survey. We’ll send you your industry results and send you along with free advice and some swag!

2. Swag
Speaking of swag….no we don’t need a shameless ploy to draw you into our booth, but free stuff is fun and you know we’ll have the best of the booths. What is it? You’ll have to drop by Booth #265 to find out. Wait..was that a shameless ploy?

3. Attend Click Summit for free!
Have you heard of Click Summit, our enterprise-exclusive, invite-only conference taking place in May? This is your shot at a free ticket (a $1,700 value; though the networking and takeaways have been described as “priceless”).

Just swing by our booth (#265), drop your info in the bowl and we’ll pull the winner on the last day of Adobe Summit.

4. Fitness
In case you’re wondering where booth #265 is, you’re gonna want to make sure you have your walking shoes on because we are in the far back corner beside the social media head-shots (we drew the short straw for booth selection…). But think of the cardio benefits! To reward you for your travels, we’ll make sure a visit is worth your while.

5. Talk geek with a Data Scientist!
Stop by the booth to visit one of our resident data scientists, Aaron Baker. He’ll be available and excited to talk all things analytics, personalization, data mining, etc. with you! Or, if you’d prefer to discuss the finer points of remodeling your house or fixing up your race car, he’s good for that too.

Let’s meet up. Click here to request a meeting and we’ll schedule something that works for you. Or drop by our booth when you have a free minute.

Looking forward to seeing you in Vegas!

-The Brooks Bell Team