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Are You Guilty of These 5 Shopping Cart Killers?


When it comes down to it, online experience boils down to 2 simple choices for the consumer: purchase or leave.  How can you make sure your shopping cart experience has the least amount of friction?  Check out 2 of the tips below, and download the full one-pager here to read all 5 tips.

1. Put Your Best Foot Forward
One of the major challenges with the checkout flow of a website is that it often involves a handoff to another team or service. This means that while one group is working hard to optimize every page from the home to category to product to cart, these insights and improvements may not be applied to the checkout pages themselves.

This becomes obvious when, for example, CTA buttons have been optimized to “go ahead” green across the site but the checkout still defaults to an “on brand” red. Another example of this scenario occurs when the checkout service defaults to standard or premium shipping, even when a cheaper or even free alternative is available.

To avoid these certain checkout killers, make sure that the insights gained from testing across the site make their way to the checkout as well. Combine relevant improvements to ensure the checkout represents the best version of the whole-site experience.

2. Avoid the Upsell
Another problem arises when marketers or merchandisers give in to the understandable impulse to promote additional products during checkout. This makes sense; it’s the last opportunity available to upsell the very shoppers showing the greatest interest and intent to purchase. The added distraction such upsells present, however, is a checkout killer.

Similar distractions can also be created by empty coupon boxes, promotion banners, and other cues that additional value could be found anywhere else outside the checkout page.

Download the one-pager to read the rest of the tips to learn how to simplify your checkout flow, optimize based on platform and, of course, test properly to improve!

Have other ideas of Checkout Killers to avoid? Share them in the comments.

-The Brooks Bell Team