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6 Videos to Kick Start Your Testing and Optimization Program


There are hundreds of books, articles, and blog posts available that could help us improve our testing and optimization strategies and programs. But all this reading takes a lot of time—and for some people, it’s just not the best way to learn. Sometimes, we all just want to sit back and learn from a video. This is especially true when a video features a prominent thought leader we might not otherwise have access to.

If you’re interested in kick starting your testing program, start with these six videos:

1. Kevin Lindsay and Gregory Ng: 21 Day Optimization Challenge

Join Kevin Lindsay, director of product marketing of Adobe Target and Gregory Ng, CMO of Brooks Bell, for a series of 21 videos discussing the most important issues, concepts, and techniques for growing a testing and optimization program. Not only is it a great way to kick start your testing program, it’s an easy way to turn constant improvement into a habit.

Take the 21 Day Optimization Challenge!


2. Dan Ariely: Are We in Control of Our Decisions?

In this classic TEDTalk from noted behavioral economist Dan Ariely, the idea of rationality is explored, specifically as it relates to decision-making. The insights, drawn from research done by Ariely and others, is both surprising and exciting—and having a deeper understanding of intuition and decision-making process can help you develop dozens of test ideas.


3. Robert Cialdini: How to Influence Others

Robert Cialdini, author of Influence and a prominent researcher in the field of social psychology, explains the six key principles of influence uncovered after observational research with accomplished salespeople, politicians, and other professional influencers. The insights he uncovered provide a practical framework for improving the messaging on any website.


4. BJ Fogg: 3 Keys to Keeping Customers Engaged

In this short talk, human-computer interaction researcher, BJ Fogg outlines a simple strategy for developing and maintaining customer engagement. For anyone interested in increasing service usage, encouraging repeat sales, or deepening engagement, this framework can inspire new testing ideas.


5. Jeff Johnson: The Psychological Basis for UI Design Rules

If Cialdini helps us understand the psychology of influence, Johnson helps us understand the psychology of user interaction. Starting with the fundamentals of Gestalt psychology, Johnson moves on to illustrate common problems in user interface design and offer research-based solutions.


6. Jesse Hull: A Holistic Approach to A/B Testing

In this video, Jesse Hull, executive director of technology for social games at GSN Digital, gives an overview of A/B testing with a twist—his outline highlights the advantage of building a culture devoted to data, testing, and customer centricity.