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8 Google Analytics Apps for the iPad, Reviewed


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If you’re responsible for managing and monitoring one or several websites, a Google Analytics app for the iPad is excellent. It puts important metrics, reports, and charts at your fingertips, wherever you have a wireless connection. But there are a lot of options on the market and choosing the best one can be tedious.

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To make the process a bit easier, we’ve reviewed eight popular options:

Analytics Matter for Google Analytics Website Monitoring

analytics matter google analytics ipad app screenshot photo

Price: Free for one account, $2.99 for three accounts, and $9.99 for 15 accounts.

Pros: This app produces a clean dashboard style interface that pitches quickly showing you only the “metrics that matter.” It also has simple color-coding to quickly show whether your site is performing better or worse than yesterday, last month, etc. It features a clean design that is easy to understand and navigate, making it perfect for the person that simply wants an overview of their data.

Cons: The design can feel pretty tedious after a while. It’s also tough to share charts without taking a screenshot.

Grade: B+


quickalytics google analytics ipad app screenshot photo

Price: $4.99

Pros: The iPhone version of this app is my “go-to” app for checking Google Analytics, and the iPad version delivers as well. It’s great for easily finding data for multiple websites—all it takes is a swipe from side to side to switch between sites. The app also has a handy button for emailing reports, which I use more than I thought I would. It is fast, responsive, and intuitive. It is definitely my favorite app of the bunch.

Cons: None.

Grade: A+

Analytics for iPad-Google Analytics Made Easy

analytics for ipad google analytics made easy google analytics ipad app screenshot photo

Price: Free, but a $6.99 premium version offers 100+ additional reports.

Pros: None that I can find.

Cons: The free version of this app is clearly designed to frustrate users into purchasing the premium version. It is packed with ads and has a confusing interface. I spent more time hitting the wrong button than the right one. There are way better options out there, at any price point.

Grade: F

Analytics Tiles App

analytics tiles google analytics ipad app screenshot photo

Price: $2.99

Pros: The simple, clean design is very fast and responsive. It features satisfying animations within modules and is capable of handling multiple websites. A nice touch is that the app color-codes each site for easier navigation.

Cons: The detail screen is full-width, making it tough to read. Though the dashboard looks good, it does not offer enough data for users looking to make serious decisions.

Grade: A-

Dashboard for Google Analytics

Dashboard for Google Analytics.

Price: Free, but a $4.99 premium version is also available.

Pros: This is a very powerful app that gives access to all basic Google Analytics data. It’s responsive and accommodates multiple websites. It also offers easy chart sharing for Facebook, Twitter, and email.

Cons: There is not enough accessible data in the free version; the premium version gives access to more charts and segmentation data. The app requires a few tedious steps to access data across websites.

Grade: B

Analytics HD

analytics HD google analytics ipad app screenshot photo

Price: $6.99

Pros: This app parallels the native Google Analytics interface, for better or worse. It also offers the ability to view data by segments and multiple segments, to view multiple metrics at once, and to display charts full screen. These features make it the true analyst’s iPad app.

Cons: I am not quite sure what the HD means for this app other than to differentiate it from the iPhone version. It is the most expensive of the apps in this roundup. It does not have the “eye candy” that some of the other apps have. The interface is a bit clunky and in some cases switching from report to report is slow. At some points I wasn’t sure if the app had crashed. In these instances a “spinning beach ball” would have been helpful.

Grade: A-

Dash: Your Google Analytics Mobilized

dash for google analytics app google analytics ipad app screenshot photo

Price: $0.99

Pros: This app offers the ability to make custom dashboards of the metrics that matter most to you in a very quick and intuitive way. I had a lot of fun making a few dashboards with key data points that I could swipe through like cover flow.

Cons: The app only works for a single account. Also, you can’t easily share your dashboard through email.

Grade: B

Analytics by Net Conversion

Price: $0.99

Pros: This is a very basic app that takes the default Google Analytics screens and delivers them in a more attractive way.

Cons: It is very slow. Painfully slow, in fact. The interface is designed as a hub and spoke requiring frequent use of the “back” button to navigate.

Grade: C

Most of these apps give you basic data reporting that will satisfy most basic Google Analytics users. While no app is perfect, Quicklytics comes pretty close. It offers an intuitive interface, an ability to view your data in a dashboard format, the ability to drill down into more detail, and quickly switches between websites. It’s still the app I use most often on my iPad when accessing Google Analytics.

Do you have a Google Analytics app for the iPad that you like that I missed? Leave it in the comments section!