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9 Great Posts From Our Partners—Because We’re Thankful for Our Friends


Here at Brooks Bell, we are thankful for a lot of things—having great clients, a great culture, and a great office space are a few examples. Also included in that list is the opportunity to work with several excellent partners. These industry leading tool providers are always innovating—and have some great content to share, too. So, instead of our usual weekly Top 5, we’d like to take a moment to give thanks to our partners and point you to some of our favorite reads.

happy thanksgivingAdobe: Make your goals specific and measurable. Every business initiative needs a goal, but not all goals carry the same value. Creating SMART goals is the best way to ensure your efforts are on track.

Artisan: Are you falling for these mobile app A/B testing myths? A/B testing for websites and emails is increasingly common. But a few persistent myths are preventing testing from helping optimize native apps.

ClickTale: A case study in using click tracking to optimize a B2C services website.  In this unique case study, ClickTale demonstrates how click and mouse-over data can be used with more traditional testing methodologies to optimize a website.

Ensighten: Building a digital marketing intelligence program. Most digital marketing teams utilize a suite of measurement tools. Some use testing and optimization tools. But there’s a difference between having a marketing measurement program and a marketing intelligence program.

Google Analytics: Improving referral information with Universal Analytics. Properly attributing traffic is essential for evaluating channel performance and also for creating accurate segments or personas. But tracking referral data across social media and other channels is a formidable challenge. Universal Analytics can help make it a bit easier.

Maxymiser: Is your website conversion ready for Cyber Monday? For ecommerce sites, Cyber Monday is the biggest, most important, shopping day of the year. Make sure your site is ready with these tips.

Monetate: After the conversion: 4 tips for customer retention. After acquiring and converting customers, the marketer’s job is done, right? You probably know it’s not and, in fact, customer retention is one of the most important factors in creating sustainable revenue.

Optimizely: How A/B testing empowers relief efforts in the aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan. In this unique and important case study, Optimizely shares how A/B testing has helped optimize relief efforts following a tragic disaster.

Tealium: Getting everyone under a single integrated marketing tent. Integrated marketing sounds great in theory, but implementing in an established workflow can be difficult. Tealium offers some actionable advice on building buy-in and support for a marketing strategy built on a data layer—and the processes that make it useful.

Plus, don’t miss the latest original content from our own blog:

Brooks Bell: Why are some retailers testing through Black Friday? Many ecommerce sites freeze development—and testing—during the holiday shopping rush. It’s a cautious decision, but one that’s easy to understand. However, with proper preparation, testing and optimization can continue—and could lead to your most successful holiday shopping season ever!