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Adobe Test&Target 3.1: Our Three Favorite Features


Now that we’ve had a chance to start using the latest 3.1 release from Adobe Test&Target, I wanted to share a few new features that we like and find useful.

The new start & stop campaign functionality. Before this latest release, we were not truly comfortable with the input field to start and stop campaigns, just because it left a lot of room for manual entry error. We ended up writing our own script that allowed us to set the start and end dates and time. With the new release, it’s now very intuitive to setup the start and stop of campaigns and brings more confidence to use this out-of-the-box feature.


The new “Life of Campaign” date selection under reporting instead of the old “Custom Dates.” It’s a minor change but a nice one to have. Especially when switching to graph mode, the dates will start at the beginning of the campaign instead of always having to manually adjust the start date.


My favorite change has been the new reusable segments. Whoo! In the past, in order to ‘reuse’ a custom segment you created from a previous campaign, you had to either manually create it again or copy the campaign you created that contains that segment and build the rest of the campaign from there.


Once you create a segment, it populates in segments.


Within the campaign settings, whether it’s for targeting purposes or segments for reporting purposes, it’s super simple to select the newly created segments.


In the segments section, you can check multiple segments. Although it may seem minor, this update saves a lot of time when you are constantly in Test&Target creating campaigns.


There are other features such as API updates and geo-targeting as well in the 3.1 release. Overall, I am happy with the upgrades Adobe made. I would have been happy with the reusable segments feature alone. It saves a lot of time and effort for companies constantly creating campaigns leveraging the power of segmentation in Test&Target.