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Are Your Teams Aligned With Your Company Goals?


Is your car pulling a little to the left or right when you let go of the steering wheel?  How about when you brake?  If your part of the country experienced the crazy snow and ice this past winter like we did in Raleigh, your car may have hit a few of the potholes left behind by overzealous snow plow drivers intent on scraping every snowflake off the blacktop.  It may be time to get your car’s wheels aligned…

Just as your car needs an occasional alignment, an organization and its teams need to make sure they are aligned.  Back in my January 22nd post, I mentioned how Brooks Bell Interactive uses Verne Harnish’s Mastering the Rockefeller Habits as part of our business planning process.  A big component of the Habits centers on creating annual goals for the company that flow to quarterly goals to team goals to individuals.  The quarterly goals are priority-ranked and a “Critical Number” is identified and aligns with the top priority.  We also apply the SMART method of goal-setting (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely).  A Quarterly Theme is then developed to bring focus on priorities and a Celebration or Reward is identified for the team to enjoy if the goals are achieved.

Here are the goals we identified for 2010 and how our teams support these initiatives:

Revenue Goal

Being a closely held, private company, we reserve the right to not publicly disclose our exact revenue numbers, but we can say our company is growing and our niche is too!  The 2010 annual goal is then broken down to quarterly goals and then to goals by team.  We hold weekly meetings to check in with the teams on their progress towards their revenue targets.

Click Conference

We’re pleased to announce that we are developing and hosting a conference where online marketers can come together to discuss what is affecting their businesses.  Here’s how to request an invite and learn more. Many of our team members have goals to specifically support Click and we’ll all be pitching in during the event.

Build Best Practices

We talk a lot about “best practices” in our business.  Some are learned from our collective years of experience, some come from industry research in the 2010 Email Marketing Benchmark Report from our friends at Marketing Sherpa,  some come from eye tracking studies we’ve seen or from tests we’ve conducted.  Well, this year we’ve decided we’re going to document these best practices.  Maybe it’s a book that we publish (and update as the industry changes!).  Just as all team members contribute to our blog, you’ll likely see everyone authoring a chapter or two.

Marketing Plan with Webinars & Newsletters

We’ve built our business on referrals, but realize we need to become more proactive in our business development efforts.  This year, we’ll create our own marketing plan and make sure we stay in touch with our audience.  We’ll use webinars to show our expertise in testing and online direct response and plan to share many of our great case studies.  (Reserve your spot in the March 29th webinar!) We have designed, developed and tested hundreds of email newsletters for our clients, but have had little time to do our own email newsletter.  We’re committing to rolling out our own newsletter plan in 2010.

Client Appreciation

We wouldn’t have gotten as far as we have if we hadn’t taken care of our clients.  But we know we can do better.  So, clients should expect to see more of us in 2010 with more client touch points, both formal and informal, on the phone and in-person.  Part of the communications will include surveys to see how we’re doing.  We’ll make sure our clients know they’re loved.

So, what are your goals for 2010?  Do you have a plan to get aligned?