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Can Your Customers Convert Upside Down?


DATA-DRIVEN CMO is an ongoing series on the Brooks Bell Blog that focuses on topics for the modern day data-driven CMO.

Last week, I was at a lunch meeting and the guy sitting next to me opened his bag of chips upside down.

Let me be clearer: He wasn’t upside down, but he had the bag of chips upside down and opened it at the bottom. This got me thinking: sometimes we are so focused on the way we think it should be done and not on how others could possibly get it done.

Boy eating chips

The chips he ate were no less enjoyable than if he opened them from the top of the bag—yet it probably would have bugged a Frito-Lays marketer to watch him eat. Every time he picked up the bag, the logo, tagline, and imagery was upside down.

The other day I tried to log into a website, which I haven’t accessed in three years. I tried unsuccessfully to login. I tried every login I’ve used in the last 10 years of my life and none of them worked. I called the help number, had them reset my password and email me my username only to find out that my username was my email address. By the way, one of my usernames that I tried unsuccessfully was actually listed in my account as a “nickname”.

I bet this has happened to you, too. I am a motivated person, looking to complete a task and have been put in front of one door with only one key. A key that I didn’t realize (and wasn’t told) was the same key that opens my house.

A better experience would be to say on the login form that my username is my email address. But the best experience would be to let me open the potato chip bag upside down. Let me use one of the data points you have for me on file and get me into my account.

Stop worrying about the ways your organization wants it, when it comes to return users. Worry about the frictionless experience you can create to get them back into the potato chip bag.