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Clarity: The Best Way to Optimize Email Response


As if the the raw energy that Dr. Flint McGlaughlin, Director of Marketing Experiments, brings to his presentations weren’t enough, what he is says makes perfect sense. It really is tough to ignore. And impossible to not nod your head in agreement.

“Clarity Trumps Persuasion.”

These are the words the “Doctor of Optimization” (A title coined by Stefan Tornquist who is a research and testing rockstar in his own right) repeated over and over here at the opening session of the 5th Annual [email protected] Summit in Miami this morning. These are the words that make up the core factor in the “Email Messaging Optimization Sequence”. And it is these words that are the key to optimize email response.

Here is the “Email Messaging Optimization Sequence” as shown on the Marketing Experiments website. I highly encourage you check out the certification courses Marketing Experiments offers for more in-depth explanations.

Dr. McGlaughlin breaks down the science of “Clarity” into the following two factors: External clarity and internal clarity. These deal with questions we should all ask when sending out email to prospects and customers.

• What am I asking you to do?
• Why should you do it?

• What is my objective?
• What is the best way to achieve it?

As noted by many people on the Twitterstream (#SherpaEmail) as well as examples from the live consultations Dr. McGlaughlin gave, this idea makes perfect sense. It is simple. Yet people still do not do it.

You can blame brand police, legal teams, language barriers, timing, budget, and internal political issues for why you forget. Or why it doesn’t happen. But the reality is, holding yourself to these 3 words:  “Clarity Trumps Persuasion” will lift response.

Is this idea new? Of course not. In fact I heard Dr. McGlaughlin utter those 3 words at last year’s [email protected] Summit. At Brooks Bell Interactive, we stress the value of “clarity” in all of our work for our clients. But it sure doesn’t hurt to get a reminder of how important it is.

Towards the end of the presentation, Dr. McGlaughlin asked the entire audience to say it with him,  “Clarity Trumps Persuasion”. As if we were all in a Tony Robbins seminar ready to “Unleash the Power Within”. In a way we were all in need of a rallying cry. And if it’s a rallying cry that leads to better results? That’s one I can stand behind.?