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REGISTRATION NOW OPEN: Click Summit 2018 To Kick Off May 7, 2018 in Raleigh, N.C.


The 9th annual, premier conference for leaders of world-class experimentation programs is unlike any other large, technology conference. Here’s why.

Get ready for Click Summit 2018! This is THE event for open conversation about experimentation, featuring leaders in the industry. If you’ve been before, you know what we are talking about, but if you’re new to Click, read on. You’ll learn why you want to request your invitation today to begin the registration process. Space is limited, seats fill up fast and you won’t want to miss the must-attend experimentation event of the year.

Click Summit is Where Deep Relationships Form

When CEO & Founder Brooks Bell envisioned Click Summit in 2009, her purpose was clear. She wanted to create a great experience where everyone contributes. An experience where authentic conversations take place about real-world industry challenges and emerging business issues in experimentation. An experience driven by people, not speakers. An experience where attendees leave with meaningful and lasting relationships, not a deck of business cards.

For this type of event to take place, Brooks believed then—and continues to believe now—it  requires bringing together the right combination of brands, people, positions, experimentation programs, technologies and tools. It takes the right balance of clients, partners, sponsors, friends and colleagues. And it demands an open mindset to genuinely participate in the conversations and actively share new ways of thinking. That way, we learn how to take more risks and challenge ourselves by questioning what we know and don’t know so, together, we can continue the evolution of this innovative experimentation journey.

For these reasons, Click Summit is invitation only.

Conversations are Intimate, Confidential and Real

Attendees talk at Click Summit 2016Unlike other conferences, the sessions aren’t a formal presentation at the front of the room with 10 minutes for questions at the end. They don’t feature hundreds of individuals piling into a breakout room.

Instead, Click Summit features intimate conversations, led by subject matter experts, about real questions in the experimentation industry. Attendees break out into small groups and share their experiences, opinions, perspectives and learnings. The conversation has to be real and confidential to be useful.

“The undeniable value comes from the intimate, transparent, roundtable conversations,” Brooks says.

While the primary goal remains the same – to share different perspectives, exchange ideas, inspire each other, renew our expertise, and shape purposeful relationships – the industry has matured and the conversations have changed. Some conversations are easier to have than others. But confidentiality is important for the integrity of the conference, and for all those who attend.

It’s the Time to Be Authentic

Authenticity goes hand-in-hand with confidentiality.  

The conference creates an environment for attendees to share real-life scenarios in optimization and experimentation.  This reinforces building deeper relationships as groups discuss actual successes and failures and share learnings from their own programs.  Authenticity is also key to making these conversations so valuable and actionable for C-suite and executive level attendees.

But don’t let us convince you. Check out the Click Summit 2018 website to learn more and request your invitation. 

Stay tuned for more information about the event, including this year’s theme, agenda and conversation moderators, by signing up for our newsletter, where we share regular updates about Click Summit.

-The Brooks Bell Team