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What is a Campaign? -Clickipedia


What a campaign is: In Adobe Test&Target terms, a campaign is your means of controlling what content to show to whom, and when to show it.

What a campaign is not: just a simple test. There are several types of campaigns in Test&Target, and they all track conversion rates and show results in reports. Multivariate and A/B tests are just some of the campaigns that you can run. Others include display ad campaigns, landing page campaigns, and monitoring campaigns.

Why we care about campaigns: Any campaign can target content to a specific audience. Using the campaigns in Test&Target allows the marketer to create a specific program to find exactly the information she needs.

This post is part of an ongoing Clickipedia series, defining all the terms you need to know for conversion rate optimization. Keep checking back each week to learn more, and don’t forget to check out the whole series.