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What is a Code Freeze? – Clickipedia



What is a code freeze?
A period of time in the development process during which established rules restrict making changes to source code on a website. In most cases, no changes whatsoever are permitted to the source code on a site during this period.

What is a code freeze not?
A code release, which describes the distribution of a new software product or version. A code freeze, on the other hand, is a period in which substantive changes or updates to the code are prohibited.

Why do code freezes matter?

For larger sites, a freeze is typically implemented to avoid accidental conflicts, collisions, or bugs, especially during high-traffic times of the year like the holiday shopping season. Testing teams typically want to continue to test through these high-traffic periods, so they must be able to make changes to the site without touching the source code. Certain tools, including tag management systems, make this possible.

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