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What is Dynamic Content? Clickipedia


What Dynamic Content is: An image, text or other information that is changed automatically, based on pre-determined criteria.

The benefit: Traditionally, marketers were forced to serve broader segments due to production costs. Digital marketing allows you to tailor your offers to each customer individually with dynamic content, for more cost-effective marketing and a higher probability of conversion.

Why  Dynamic Content matters: You’re able to deliver meaningful information to your visitors. Imagine you’re a clothing retailer and you include product suggestions on your pages. Recommending a heavy winter coat in January could resonate with a user from North Dakota, but the same product suggestion could be of no interest to a user from Florida. With dynamic content, you can swap the heavy coat out for a lighter jacket and instantly satisfy a user’s need.

The bottom line: Content isn’t always one-size-fits all. Using dynamic content to deliver relevant information to your users is a huge step toward increasing your KPIs and your conversion rates.